Being Healthy In This Busy World: Caffeine Dependency

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The world we live in produces a high demand for a busy lifestyle. Work, school, children, grandchildren, significant others, church, sports, volunteer work, so many things consume our time and pull us in different directions constantly. On top of that we know that it is so important to our body that we also make time for exercise. How can we possibly cram everything we need to do into 24 hours? Many of us turn to caffeine to make the to-do-list an already-done-list. Caffeine, like almost everything in life, is good for us in moderation. There are many healthy ways to consume caffeine such as coffee and tea. There are also many unhealthy ways to consume caffeine such as sodas and sugary drinks. The method of consumption and the frequency of consumption are the determinants of how good or bad your caffeine dependency is for your health. If you are having a cup of coffee or tea and NOT adding creamers and sweeteners that just add extra sugars and fats to your beverage then you are consuming caffeine in a healthy manor. If you are drinking Mountain Dew around the clock you are consuming entirely too much caffeine and too much sugar. We can also find caffeine in chocolate and other sugary snacks. There are also pre-workout drinks that contain caffeine. There are a lot of different pre-workouts floating around so it is important to pay attention to what you are taking. Consult with a professional before simply buying one that looks cool! These drinks not only give you an extra boost to get through your workout, but typically contain ingredients to help your body get the most out of its workout. The Mayo Clinic states that the recommended amount of caffeine for the average adult is no more than 4 cups of coffee (or an equivalent) per day. It is important to also pay attention to how your body responds to the caffeine intake. If one cup of coffee makes you jittery then that is enough for your body for the day. If you find yourself wanting to drink more than the recommended amount you may need to look at factors such as quality and quantity of sleep. At the end of the day it is important to remember that caffeine dependency can play a huge role on your life regardless of the method through which you consume the caffeine. When you are dependent on caffeine you will experience unpleasant side effects from not having it that can range from a mild headache to migraines, nausea, irritability and many more. The less you consume the less likely you are to experience these side effects. A healthy lifestyle will lead to more energy and help you avoid relying on caffeine to get through each day. Eat right, exercise, sleep well and treat your body with respect as you know it should be treated and you will find yourself not needing excessive amounts of caffeine to get through the day!

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