Healthy Eating Misconceptions: Eating Clean Means No Dessert

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Many people believe that sweets and desserts are off limits when trying to eat clean. This is very far from the truth! Things that taste sweet can be great for us! The most perfect example of this would be the build bar smoothies! All of these shakes are all natural with no added sugars or GMOs and made with healthy ingredients that will treat your sweet tooth and not eliminate your hard work. Many of our shakes taste like some desirable dessert or treat that you would enjoy anytime, but are a perfect compliment to your workout. Your body needs sugars and proteins following a workout to repair your muscles; these smoothies give you just that, while also satisfying your sweet craving! There are a lot of sweet options to replace the unhealthy treats we are used to eating. Fruits contain natural sugars that will satisfy any sweet tooth in a time of craving. Even though most of us don't crave strawberries over chocolate, eating the strawberries will satisfy your need for sugars and sweets while providing you with a healthy alternative to baked goods and bakery treats! Protein flavors have also expanded vastly over the last few years creating many options for healthy dessert alternatives! A birthday cake protein shake may be all the sweets you need to get through the day without falling off of your eating plan! It is important to remember the balance of diet and exercise and how important nutrition is to your fitness goals. Don't forget where your progress has come from, you have spent hours working in the gym for your results! Be sure to treat yourself within reason! There are also countless recipes out now that give you dessert without the calories. Try Black Bean Brownies for example; they give you the sweet treat you are looking for but with more protein and fiber and less sugars. With countless healthy alternatives to desserts that are available, from build bar smoothies to protein flavors there are so many dessert options for your fit lifestyle! Don't be afraid to get out there and try new substitutes to your favorite unhealthy desserts!

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