Healthy Eating Misconceptions: Clean Eating Foods Don’t Taste Good

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Starting at a young age we were forced to eat our veggies and our healthy foods. Why should foods that are good for you be forced? They shouldn’t be! Clean eating foods taste great! The taste of your foods depends heavily on how you prepare them. A pizza wouldn’t taste good if you didn’t properly prepare the crust, sauce and toppings, just like your vegetables and clean foods won’t be as enjoyable without spices and flavor. We live in a world where we have so much information available to us at any moment. The internet provides thousands of healthy recipes that are just a click away! There are healthy substitutions to all of your favorite unhealthy snacks. Zucchini and other vegetables can be used as a bread and pasta substitute. These delicious options allow you to satisfy your cravings for unhealthy foods without compromising your healthy lifestyle! Be sure to watch out for recipes that try to scam you into believing they are healthy, such as things that boast a small number of ingredients that are not healthy ingredients (three ingredients doesn’t matter if one of them is a stick of butter). If you are really having a hard time getting a grasp of how to make clean eating enjoyable we also have the guidance of Coach Nate and the FASTER’s No-Nonsense Nutrition plan to give you tips and coaching on how to enjoy the clean foods that your body needs to perform at your best! Try all of the spices, pin all of the recipes, substitute the veggies and enjoy eating clean. It is not something that should be dreaded, stop thinking “diet” and start thinking lifestyle. You make permanent changes in the gym and matching that with clean eating will give you the best results possible. Don’t be afraid to spice up those clean foods and stray from plain grilled chicken with plain veggies. Once you learn to fall in love with clean eating recipes that taste great you will find it much easier to reach your goals and stick to your healthier lifestyle. You determine how well your body works and exercise and healthy eating helps keep you crushing your fitness and weight loss goals!

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