How do we monitor our imbalances?

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Postural deviations and muscular imbalances were something that we introduced last week. This week we will discuss how we detect and correct these types of muscular imbalances. At FASTER we use a well-known screening process called the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) created by a company called Functional Movement Systems. The FMS has been proven through years of research and testing and is considered valid and reliable. Moving through the various exercises of which the FMS is composed allows the fitness professional to test level of skill and deviations to one side or another. The movements of the functional movement screen are:
  1. Active Straight Leg Raise
  2. Shoulder Mobility
  3. Deep Squat
  4. Hurdle Step
  5. Inline Lunge
  6. Rotary Stability
  7. Trunk Stability Pushup
Not only do these exercises help us determine any muscular imbalances but they also help us determine any joint pain or issues with range of motion! Once we establish the areas that need improvement we are able to prescribe exercises that will correct the issues. This brings us back to the plan of action and how we work on your individual needs through working your entire body with each workout. Correction of muscular imbalances takes time. Working the push and pull muscles in the way that we do allows the body to fix our imbalances over time. Through repeating the FMS we can monitor improvements and progress throughout the journey.

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