Benefits of Personal Training

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We all know exercise has been proven time and time again to be incredible for us. It helps us live longer, healthier lives. Exercise, both cardiovascular and resistance training, is the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth. It keeps us moving better and feeling better but for some reason it is a hard thing to make a priority in life. We have been talking over the last few weeks about motivation and how wearable fitness devices and groups can motivate us. This week we are going to discuss how personal training is beneficial. One of the main benefits of having a personal trainer is a program designed for you and your individual needs. Maybe you have a special event coming up and want to fit in a special outfit, you can’t carry your laundry up the stairs without feeling out of breath, you’re going to be a grandparent or parent and want to be able to play with the child or you want to run your first 5k. Whatever your goals might be, the personal trainer always has a method to the madness and a way to get you moving in a manner to help you reach your goals. Using our knowledge of the science of the body and how the body adapts to exercise we design movements and plans that will help you reach your goals. Through exercise we can make it easier for you to get through your daily activities. Accountability is another great aspect of having a personal trainer. You commit yourself to exercising through booking an appointment with a trainer. Financial commitments to your personal training session make you more likely to adhere. Having a trainer to meet with also helps with scheduling exercise. Each week if you set your workouts and know you have a trainer expecting you, you are less likely to miss those workouts for fear of letting down your trainer. Safety is a major aspect of working with a trainer. The trainer is going to give you guidance on how to best perform exercises. Having proper form and mechanics will reduce the chance of getting injured while performing an exercise. Most trainers will also start with a movement screen to determine any imbalances and properly build a program that will correct those imbalances, while also building a program to give you the best volume and intensity for your goals. Having someone with a deeper knowledge of what is going on in the body is very beneficial in producing the best and most efficient results. It allows you to think less during training but know that you are going through a safe AND challenging workout that is results driven. There are many ways to stay motivated and at FASTER we like to incorporate as many of these motivations as possible. Our team of knowledgeable trainers are prepared to help you meet your goals in a safe, challenging and uplifting manner. We also give you the option of wearing the MyZone heart rate monitor and tracking your heart rate as you work out which adds to the effectiveness and efficiency of your training.

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