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Last week we discussed some benefits to having a personal trainer:
  1. Motivation
  2. Accountability
  3. Less Thinking
  4. Safety
Although these aren’t the only benefits, they are a few good reasons why having a personal trainer is a good thing. This week we will talk about a benefit that deserves it’s own write up. That benefit is a Plan of Action. Although many of us can workout on our own and understand certain concepts of fitness – push/pull, HIIT workouts, rest days, etc. we do not always create a ‘plan of action’ for our fitness routine. As we discussed last week, humans tend to be creatures of habit, meaning we have no problem running through the same routine, but is that really the best routine for us? Does that routine have a real plan behind it? Is it the best routine to get you to your goals? The first meeting with a personal trainer can eliminate these questions and set you up on a Plan of Action that is built for YOU. You will discuss your goals, your history, any injuries/limitations, go through a movement screen to assess any imbalances, and build a plan/routine that fits you. Not just inside the gym but outside of the gym as well. Your plan should fit your lifestyle, fit into your routine, and get you to where you want to be in a safe yet challenging manner. This plan of action helps to strengthen the other benefits of having a trainer as well. It eliminates guess work and stress of worrying about what to do that day for a workout; but more importantly it is being built by an industry professional which enhances the safety and effectiveness of the training. Your personal plan is special to you and adapts as you adapt to exercising. Once your plan is in place, the trainer can monitor you and your progress and rewrite and adjust your plan as needed. It is important to keep the muscles guessing and have variety in your workouts. This will help to eliminate plateaus in training and keep your workouts fresh and exciting. Exercise is just like in many things in life “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. Training one way continually will make other levels of fitness less developed. There are many things in the body that are affected by exercise and training all of those is crucial to increasing the overall fitness level. Your trainer is aware of these things while designing and tweaking your plan. At FASTER you get to work with a knowledgeable trainer that is constantly adjusting your plan to best fit your needs. All of the benefits of having a personal trainer are embodied in the FASTER team. A safe, well designed plan that keeps you motivated, accountable and enjoying exercise is what we all want!

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