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Welcome to our introductory post in the FASTER Focus blog! A blog designed by those at FASTER to ‘Focus’ on fitness, performance training, nutrition, sports medicine and more with a mission to educate, motivate and inspire. Who we are: FASTER was established in our first location in Robinson Township in 2008 and in August of 2016 we opened our second location in Southpointe. FASTER exists to motivate, educate and inspire people to achieve their personal goals and reach optimal performance levels. Our expert and passionate team is driven to transform lives by encouraging people to reach their full potential. Our comprehensive, holistic approach to fitness and performance training in an environment that fosters a positive energy and friendly spirit will empower one to reach a heightened state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. We offer: Personal Fitness Training, Athlete Performance Training, Group Fitness Classes, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Nutrition Consulting, Pittsburgh Fresh Café meals and all natural fruit and protein smoothies from our Build Bar. We are a One Stop Shop for your Health and Wellness Needs. staff Why this blog?  In a world where information is readily available, it is at times hard to find quality articles. Our information will be packed with quality on our various niche’s while also including tips and takeaways. So why wait, let’s start with a Focus Topic of What Makes Up a Great Cross Training Program? A cross training program is one that is built to be safe but also challenging for participants; meaning clients will get results and go through vigorous workouts, while also focusing on safety and functional movements. Top notch cross training programs have some key qualities including:
  1. Screen – A proper movement assessment is essential before exercising; the FMS is a great start to any program.
  2. Warm-up – A dynamic warm-up helps to get the body warm and loose prior to high intensity movements.
  3. Program is well instructed – Programs should be designed with exercises that can be modified or intensified to meet the clients’ needs and lead by a certified trainer.
  4. Quality Movement and Exercise Choice – Exercises should be designed with quality in mind to keep clients safe while also building strength and stamina.
  5. Challenging – The workout should allow clients to push themselves into a state where they can challenge themselves as needed but back off/modify when needed also.
  6. Safe – This may be the most important quality; training needs to get results but in a safe manner.
  7. Implements Corrective Exercise – Our bodies can be full of imbalances, many that we are unaware of; the implementation of corrective exercise allows us to fix imbalances we may have and strengthen areas prior to becoming imbalanced.
  8. Fun! – Next to safe, this is a top quality. If you are not having fun with your exercise routine you are more likely to walk away from it.
[caption id="attachment_110" align="aligncenter" width="271"]efx-words EFX at FASTER Pittsburgh[/caption] [caption id="attachment_109" align="aligncenter" width="269"]efx-sp EFX at FASTER Southpointe[/caption] These eight qualities are not all that make up a strong cross training program, but they are a strong base to start and build from. If you are currently exercising, ask yourself, does my program have all of these qualities? Half? Quarter? If it does, your rate of success will be much higher, if not, you may want to consider trying another option. Like EFX – Enhanced Functional Exercise. Next week we will discuss what EFX is and why we do it.

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