Group Fitness Classes: What is Enhanced Functional Exercise? What are the benefits?

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Last week we discussed eight qualities that make up a strong (no pun intended) cross training program. This week we will discuss our in-house EFX group fitness class. Many people start by asking what is EFX? EFX stands for Enhanced Functional Exercise. In simple terms, EFX is a group circuit training class that is built on the eight qualities of cross training that we discussed and designed to get results. In more scientific terms, EFX is designed to create EPOC – Excess Post Oxygen Consumption. EPOC allows you to burn calories up to 48 hours after your workout; so after one EFX class, you could burn calories for up to two days after. We call this “after burn”. This after burn helps to stimulate your metabolism and burn the fuel you put into your body. By burning this fuel, when you train next, it will allow you to burn fat and build muscle. Creating EPOC is one benefit of EFX. Another has to do with your VO2 max. What is your VO2 max – it is the amount of air that you can take into your lungs. Why is it important you ask? For some it is more important than others, but by being able to take more air into your lungs you can perform at a higher level. In a study done by Harvard they took two groups training for a marathon and split them into to two. One group did nothing but running four days a week to train; the other did a cross training fitness class, like EFX, three days a week and only ran one day. At the end of the study when it came to the race, the group that did the cross training with their running had increased their VO2 max by four times the amount of those who just ran and increased their personal best time in their races. So you can see, the benefit of EFX and cross training for runners is very important but it is also very beneficial for those just training to be fit. For those looking to lose weight, covered. For those looking to build muscle, taken care of. For those looking for a workout where they don’t have to think and can have fun, that’s easy. EFX has something for everyone and can be modified or intensified to meet anyone’s needs. Each trainer is prepared to give clients an alternative if need be, or a ‘free’ upgrade if the station is too easy. This allows for each client to push themselves as they see fit. Let’s recap some benefits of EFX:
  • Create EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption) and afterburn allowing you to burn calories up to 48 hours post workout.
  • Increase your stamina and VO2 max while also building muscle.
  • Modify or intensify as needed.
  • Have FUN!
Check out this clip of one of our EFX classes, thanks for reading!

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