Group Fitness Classes: The Benefits beyond Physical Strength and Fitness

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Have you ever had a bad day and went for a run to clear your head? Have you ever thought about skipping the gym after a rough day at work but decided to push through and felt better after your workout? Many people argue that we workout for physical strength and fitness, but some would argue that exercise is just as much for our mental state as our physical state. On a similar note, there are as many mental benefits to working out with a group as there are physical benefits. Let’s talk about a few.
  • Motivation – At times it can be difficult to generate internal motivation and drive to workout. You are tired, it’s cold outside, you had a long day, there are countless excuses that pop into our heads when our motivation is down. Having a workout planned that is Mindless (meaning trainer lead and all you have to do is the movements) and Effective (giving you value in the workout) can help give you that drive you need to get to the gym.
  • Accountability – It is much easier to justify why we missed a workout to ourselves than it is to others. Now imagine you have to justify why you missed the class to a trainer, workout partner or group that thought you were going to participate; it’s a little harder to use one of our excuses from above when chances are they too had a long day, wanted to stay home, but chose to workout. Working out in a group setting gives us extra accountability which in turn can lead to added motivation. The motivation to not let your trainer, workout partner or group down.
  • Comfort – One of the great qualities of a well-designed group fitness class is that it can be modified or intensified to meet anyone’s needs. This allows people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels to come together and take the same class. This allows for everyone to be comfortable. No one is forced to keep up with anyone else, everyone can go at their own pace and everyone can enjoy the same class in a welcoming environment.
  • Energy - One of the best qualities about working out in a group workout lead by a trainer is the amount of energy that comes with each class. You have trainers coaching and cheering throughout, clients pushing themselves and each other to do their best and typically upbeat music playing in the background. This environment adds a level of energy and enjoyment to the workout.
  • FUN – All of the reasons above as to why group fitness classes are great help to lead to why they are fun. People are motivated, comfortable, energetic and they do not feel like they are working out. This allows everyone to have a good time with the workout and enjoy what they are doing.
These items listed above help build our extrinsic motivation to workout. Don’t believe us? Grab a friend and try a group fitness class today!

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