Wearable Fitness Devices and Motivation to Exercise

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In the last few weeks we’ve discussed several topics that really work together: We discussed some myths and benefits of training with a heart rate monitor, and we also discussed the benefits of group circuit training beyond physical strength and fitness. This week we wanted to pull together these two concepts, review them and discuss how they coincide. The use of wearable fitness technology is one of the biggest trends in the industry. With such a large array of devices available it’s hard to differentiate what the various devices do and what device is best to purchase. While counting steps is great if we are actually increasing our step count through moving our bodies and not just by moving our wrists, it is much more reliable to measure energy expenditure through heart rate. Heart rate helps us determine at what intensity we are working. While the trend of wrist-worn devices is rapidly increasing, the accuracy of these devices is not well known. Heart rate monitors at the wrist are measuring heart rate based on the amount of blood in that area at a given time. A chest strap is the most accurate way to record heart rate. Chest straps measure heart rate through the electric pulses given off by the beating heart. The chest strap has been around for a while but technology has given it a new twist. Other wearable devices and fitness apps gained popularity based on their ability to sync and share information via your smartphone. To avoid being left behind, we have now seen the same trends in the chest straps. This is the best of both worlds! The most accurate way to read and record heart rate is now syncing with your phone, telling you the intensity of your workout without any extra effort! How does this corelate with motivation? Whether we are competing with ourselves, our co-workers, our teammates or the person next to us in EFX class, knowing our intensity level allows us to push harder  every set, every rep and every workout but in a controlled and monitored environment. Syncing information allows us to compete from a distance and monitor our progress over time; as well as get the information we want post-workout almost instantaneously. The use of MYZONE at FASTER allows us to see our heart rate as we do various exercises and allows us to strive to reach a specific intensity level during that movement. We also recommend our clients use MYZONE at home and on their own to give them an extra push as well as give them guidance. All of these factors greatly contribute to our motivation to workout, and workout harder!

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