Summer Slimdown

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The thought of warmer weather often leads to us thinking about our problem areas. While we at FASTER want you to feel confident and proud of your fitness related accomplishments and worry less about your physical appearance, we understand it is hard to separate your physical goals from your health and fitness improvements. Most of us have a certain part of our body that we feel is a problem area, be it the stomach, legs, glutes or arms, most of us have one spot we wish could be stronger, slimmer or just a little different. Despite wanting to change one part of your body it is important to realize that you will lose weight and gain muscle as a whole and can’t just target one area. We can certainly improve aspects of specific muscles to correct muscular imbalances, but doing abs for one hour will not lead to a flat stomach. It is important to work all major muscle groups. The body responds to the exercise with changes in nervous system. This is similar to the way the body releases the endorphins we talked about last week. The body works better and faster through resistance training. When you are lifting weights for all major muscle groups the body’s neurons fire differently. Different parts of the muscle will work better together on the cellular level because of your training. Knowing this tells us that we need to see the body as one big machine with a bunch of little parts and the only way to keep the machine moving at its best is by keeping all of the little parts moving. Working the whole body in the way that we do here at FASTER keeps the muscular system working with the other systems of the body at their best level. THIS is how you get the summer body you desire. While we can throw in an extra set of legs or arms to hit your target areas it is important to remember that your whole body needs to be trained to see the results you want. When we make our whole body stronger we feel better and as a result look better too! We strive to help you achieve health and strength all over!   

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