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We have covered a large variety of topics over the last few weeks that discuss the body and how it moves, the way we move it, and why we move it. Moving forward we are going to begin to bust some training myths and misconceptions! Before we jump into the myths of personal training we wanted to take this week to reflect on the things we have learned thus far and explain how they all tie together. The big picture is that we want you to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself! We are one piece to your puzzle but physical activity and exercise is a huge piece because it impacts so many aspects of life. When we exercise we are combating a large number of chronic diseases. That same exercise is boosting our mood through the release of endorphins. Another side effect of the exercise is a stronger body that we can feel more confident about. That strong body allows us to perform activities of daily living with success and often excel at things we may not excel at without exercise. Keeping the body strong is maintained through working the whole body with your plan of action, the push and pull movements that will fight against muscle imbalances and monitoring any imbalances through the Functional Movement Screen. Adherence to an exercise program is a staple to making so many parts of your life better. You will feel better inside and out from having regular physical activity, you will be more confident in your ability to achieve goals from accomplishing your workout goals and you will be happier and less stressed because of the endorphin release from exercise. If you ever find yourself questioning if you should exercise or not, say yes! Exercise and feel better every chance you get! Our bodies are made to move and our knowledgeable staff will get you moving at your best and feeling your best. Movement is a gift, take advantage of that gift and enjoy the wonderful benefits listed in this blog.

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